Please enjoy this selection of paintings. Though I specialize in portraits, you'll also notice I can't help painting & sketching lots of other things too! Please feel free to share your thoughts or contact me if you're interested in having a beautiful custom heirloom portrait painted for yourself or a loved one.

I've always felt extraordinarily blessed to have such a special gift. And, it is incredibly satisfying to be able to use my talent to bring joy to others through the process of creating a cherished portrait.

There is something so special about painting portraits for people. I am not simply freezing a moment in time. I am spending weeks learning everything I can about the subject through the magical process of painting. It's an extremely intimate process that exists outside the limits of my mind in the core of my soul; a meditative experience of presence that reaches beyond simply capturing the surface characteristics of the individual, to the essence of who they are.

The process begins with a focus on what makes each subject unique and special. Yet ultimately, by the time I complete a piece, those specific traits seem to speak so clearly about how very alike we all are… in our vulnerability, our strengths and our struggles. My heart connects with the heart of whomever I'm painting- and soon, it's not ‘me', but my heart doing the painting - capturing the humanity and the love which brings us all together. That, I would say, is the mark of my work… always a reflection of the unique beauty and personality of the individual, which is- simultaneously- wholly present and understood within the core of each and every one of us.

From the moment I meet a client, my ultimate goal is to surpass their expectations. There is nothing quite like sharing the elated tears of joy of a parent seeing their child's portrait for the first time! It makes me so happy to celebrate the beautiful lives of my clients and those dear to them. Encapsulating that joy and love in a portrait that will last for generations is always a great honor.


Artist's Statement

Painting portraits is an act of love.
When I first began painting portraits, the philosopher in me was on an adventurous investigation into the human condition via a portrayal of different personalities, life-experience, age…
What I didn't anticipate discovering, fascinating as those unique traits are, was that as I relayed them to the canvas, they eventually became increasingly unimportant. Each layer of paint lead to an ever-deepening understanding, dissolving any once-perceived separation to reveal a bond, a connection, to the center of what matters:
The heart.
I spend hours upon days upon weeks with each subject in order to portray and honor their essence, understanding ever more intimately what makes them who they are. During this meditative process of focused concentration, thoughts subside and there remains only what is.
A vast, connecting and infinite
And everything that separates us becomes everything that makes us exactly the same.
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