About Juliane Porter

Juliane Porter Juliane Porter was born & raised in Northeastern Ohio. The daughter of an internationally-acclaimed NASA physicist and an accomplished fine artist, her parents encouraged a cultured home, one without a TV, where family adventures to galleries, museums and art openings were the norm. Days were filled with all sorts of creative endeavors including drawing and painting everything from plants and vegetables to meat bones and boxes, in addition to dancing, music and attending art classes and her mother's art shows.

Juliane graduated from Miami University of Ohio where she studied (the fascinating duality) of Business and Fine Art. Though she spent the following 15 years in a successful career in the business world, the yogic philosopher and artist inside her longed to be nourished.

Today, Juliane is a dedicated yogi and artist specializing in Oil Painted Portraiture. Her works display not only an accurate outward likeness of the subject portrayed, they embrace the essence and spirit of the person inside. Her paintings exude a positive vibration and refreshing visual haven from the challenges of life. Textural dancing brushwork with a painterly quality and with fine attention to form and depth are notable in her work. Fusing impressionism, realism and energetic vibrancy, works are often larger in scale, though she is comfortable in a wide range of sizes and subject material.

There are many influences on Porter's ever-evolving style, from being a yogi & spiritual philosopher, a voracious reader, world traveler, to the influences of her family. Arts and philosophy were the backbone of Juliane's family life, her mother also an accomplished fine artist, her physicist father an excellent pianist, clarinetist and philosopher/meditator. Her grandmothers, both pianists, one a trained opera singer, the other talented clothing designer, gardener and cook, also had major impacts on Juliane's perspective.

To Porter, creativity is life is yoga. And, her yoga and art are expressions of allowing life to flow through her in gratitude.Juliane also writes for four magazines: Raw Food Magazine, Go Gluten Free Magazine, In Classic Style (a luxury travel and lifestyle magazine), and Ciao Florentina (a magazine about Food & Travel). In addition, she publishes a Holistic Lifestyle & Art blog, StyleNectar, which has been honored with multiple features in such publications as Bon Appeitit .

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